Luis Nardin, M.A., Ms.D., is a licensed Psychologist and trainer practicing in La Paz, Bolivia. After receiving his degrees from California State University of Fullerton (CSUF) and The University for Humanistic Studies (UHS), both in the USA, he returned to Bolivia. Motivated by his experiences as a therapist and by his own quest, he then traveled to India and the Amazon forest where he received training by native shamans in the practice of trans-personal approaches to counseling and psychotherapy.

Additional Training

      • CSAN, USA - Child Sexual Abuse Therapy

      • Psycho Neurology Foundation, USA - Dante Method of Hypnosis

      • Associate Trainers, USA - Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Hypnotic Communication

      • Milton H. Erickson Institute of San Diego, USA - Clinical Hypnotherapy

      • Centro Milton H Erickson de Bs. As., Argentina - Hypnosis and pain management

      • Ericksonian Psychotherapy Congress, Ernest Rossi, USA - Mind-Body Therapy

      • Mental Research Institute, USA - Brief Therapy with Spanish-Speaking Families

      • Escuela Sistémica, Argentina - Actualización en Terapia Sistémica

      • CIEC, Bolivia - Formación de RRHH para la prevención del uso de Drogas

      • CEO, Bolivia - Evaluación de Acciones de Prevención del Uso Indebido de Drogas

      • CIID, Bolivia - Seminario Internacional del Uso y Abuso de Drogas

      • Departamento de Estado de USA - Planificación de Sistemas de Información sobre el Uso Indebido de Drogas

      • Vipassana Center, Rajpur, India - Vipassana Meditation

      • Hasya Yoga, India - Laughter Yoga

      • The Art of LIving, USA - Sudarshan Kriya Meditation

      • Centro de Formación Profesional Syngenta, Argentina - Gestión de RRHH

      • Harald Solaas y Asociados, Argentina - Requisite Organization

      • Harald Solaas y Asociados, Argentina - Human Capability Evaluation (Discourse Analysis)